Client Wrangling: How to Accelerate Development

Get Wrangled: Accelerating Discovery and Development for Drupal Projects

Clients talk Greek
Developers talk Geek
And Client Wrangling is the translation key that accelerates the development process.

Client Wrangling is client-side preparation. Done well, the client drafts their own preliminary technical requirements in Drupal terms along with taxonomy, content types, sitemap, wireframes, navigation and core functionality. Teaching the client basic development principles allows them to understand how Drupal will work and how their participation or lack of participation effects a successful outcome.

This session helps solve the breakdown between client business requirements ranging from too detailed or too vague and the developer's need for technical requirements. Getting over this hurdle and bridging that gap saves development teams and project managers hundreds of emails and weeks of time while giving clients the control and project success they need.

Geared toward companies, organizations and development teams engaging in enterprise-level projects.

Susan Rust consults and is a Client Wrangling Drupal strategist. A long-time entrepreneur with three successful business startups, she grew a successful Drupal development company that she sold in 2010. She can be reached at 888-444-1460 or

Classroom 106
Time slot: 
12 June 10:45 - 11:30