Going Mobile with Drupal

This bird of a feather is for anyone doing mobile applications or web sites with Drupal, or anyone interested in learning about mobile strategies for Drupal.

My background is in building native iPhone apps that use content from a Drupal site - using REST Server and JSON, you can get your content out of Drupal into a format an iPhone or Android app can use.

We can also use this to discuss other approaches - responsive web design, mobile themes for Drupal, or anything else you're using or want to use.

There's a Responsive Web Design BoF on Saturday, and a discussion of CSS3 and the Less Framework on Sunday that really fit in nicely with this BoF.

Some background on the approach I used:

Classroom 106
Time slot: 
12 June 09:00 - 09:30

Also talk about Drupal iOS SDK

I made a very simple demo application for the iPad