Growing A Drupal Shop

This is a fun and interactive one to three hour workshop for companies trying to grow their business and be more profitable.

Running a Drupal Shop and running ragged?

This is a mini-workshop and dialog on how to grow a Drupal company. If you are a small shop trying to get to the next level, this might be the right place for you. This is an interactive and participatory, not a preach-n-teach only 3-hour track. We find out how others are succeeding and struggling so we can all grow together. Normally a full-day workshop, we cover a lot of ground rapidly so this is perfect for shop owners on the go.

Growing a Drupal Shop

A. Intro: Trends in the Drupal Landscape
1. Three Ms: Maturing, Machinery, Markets
2. The Acquia Juggernaut

B. Business systems & tools:
1. financial
2. legal
3. organizational
4. personnel

C. Strategies: seo, marketing, business development
1. seo / sem / local vs. national search / social media
2. business / growth through channel marketing
3. verticals / specialties
4. partnerships / alliances
5. training / growth

D. Skills assessment
1. diagnosing personality types
2. management abilities
3. communication
4. development capability
5. leadership

E. Managing the work
1. exit strategy
2. client wrangling
3. fps
4. estimates
5. employees
6. workflow & project management
7. qa

F. Ten shortcuts to success


I'm a Drupal strategist, implementation guru, client wrangling training veteran who sold a successful Drupal development company in 2010. As a serial entrepreneur with three successful business startups, I understand what you are going through!

Classroom 106
Time slot: 
11 June 11:30 - 12:15