Growing Venture Solutions - Sponsor Interview

What does your company do and how do you work with Drupal?
Growing Venture Solutions is a team of experienced Drupal experts focusing on conference and event websites and well as security reviews.

Our team of 5 has a combined 19 years of Drupal experience, especially module development, site architecture theme development, performance/scalability, and training.

How did you first get involved in Drupal?
As a team we've come to Drupal in a variety of ways. Greg built his first Drupal site while acting as secretary for his neighborhood organization. Carl and Ben got into Drupal because they got jobs at companies who were using Drupal already. Ezra found Drupal while looking for how to build a music fan site. And Drupal found Lisa: her new friend Susan MacPhee was organizing Drupal Design Camp Boston 2009 and Lisa volunteered to help!

What type of work and/or websites do you specialize in?
Our focus is on cutting edge work in making event management easy in Drupal using the COD platform and in the security of Drupal sites. We are passionate about these topics and really love working for clients in these areas.

What are you most looking forward to at DrupalCamp Colorado this year?
It's always great to see old friends and meet new ones. This is an exciting camp for the community with a ton of folks all together here in Denver for the weekend.
We're presenting several new sessions this year. Ben is presenting on Collaboration and contribution in the Drupal ecosphere: Being active in the community. Greg is giving a talk on Automated Security reviews for Drupal, an Introduction to Views for Drupal 7 and joining a panel on site moderation tools. Ezra is giving his tried-and-true hands-on Introduction to Module development which has been updated for Drupal 7.

Is there anything else you'd like our attendees to know?
Our automated security review service, Drupal Scout, is taking limited registrations for our free Alpha program. Sign up today!
We're excited about the recent work on COD including the upcoming Drupal 6 Alpha4 and initial Drupal 7 releases as well as the COD and Drupal Commerce sprint before the camp.

One fun tool we've built to support the Drupal community is Certified to Rock which is an answer to the issue of certification with a focus on automation and the community.

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