Drupal Commerce Contrib


As Drupal Commerce gets closer to a final 1.0 release, the development of contributed modules providing "essential non-core features" has been ramping up. There are currently dozens of projects in various states of development that you will want to know about as you spec out your next e-commerce project on Drupal 7. This presentation will briefly explain the Drupal Commerce development strategy that involves:

  1. Building a lean and more set of core modules.
  2. Growing the number of contributed modules and directly supporting those dubbed as "essential non-core" (e.g. shipping quote calculation, payment gateway integrations, coupons, etc.).
  3. Enabling site builders and developers to turn these into use case specific distributions.

After that we will look through the currently developing modules by category, highlighting projects that are ready for use and others that interested developers can contribute to to make a huge difference. Additionally, we'll highlight the various Ubercart contributed modules that are deprecated by the core functionality of Drupal Commerce thanks in large part to our dependence on Views and Rules.

Ever since our stable beta release prior to DrupalCon Chicago, the main limiting factor for new projects isn't the core itself but the availability of contribs. Our hope is for this session to inform you and motivate you to dive in and contribute through testing, documenting, and coding to the contributed modules that will really help Drupal Commerce shine.