How I Built "Build a"


Build a ( is a video tutorial site for Drupal developers, and since its release I've gotten a number of questions about how the site was created, what tools I used, and questions about moving from freelancing to product sales. This will be an open session to answer whatever questions I can to help attendees move forward on their own products and projects.

To add a question you would like answered, go to and vote or add new questions.

The goal of this session is to answer any questions you might have either as subscribers or as individuals wanting to launch a product-based model. Some topics I anticipate covering:

  • Tips on setting up recurring fees on a Drupal site
  • Tips on video encoding and distribution
  • How to prepare for product distribution
  • Thoughts on making the leap from a contractor to a product developer
  • Tips on building a highly usable site
  • Dealing with piracy
  • Tips on how to view competition as healthy and important
  • What modules and which theme were used, and why

Looking forward to it!